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What is this site about?

We’re living in the information age. Information is everywhere and easy to get. However, not every information is good information. Sometimes it is difficult to trust the information you’re getting. On this site, I bring only the best information that I have personally researched and compiled to the best of my knowledge.
I am a UX Designer and photographer, but I do also have many varied hobbies and interests. My passions are health, food and nutrition, well-being, traveling, photography, entrepreneurship, sports like soccer, cycling, and Tennis.
It is hard to keep all the useful information accessible in one place. So this is my effort in keeping things well together.

Some of My interests


I have been traveling all my life and I am one of the few people who have seen the seven continents. One of my traveling highlights is an unforgettable cruise to Antarctica.


Traveling and photography go very well together. I am a passionate photographer since I am 16 years old. You can see some of my work on my dedicated photography site at Premium Art Photo.


I have been practicing some kind of sport all my life. My true passion is soccer, but I also love Cycling and Tennis.

Having fun in Dominica.

Favorite quotes


When it comes to happiness. Help yourself first.


Don’t waste your life. Take a small step towards your dreams every single day.


Learn. Do. Teach.

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