Inside the Westfalenstadium.

Inside the Westfalenstadium.

That was it, the first official game of the new season 2017/18. It was after all a game for the first title of the season, the Supercup. What knowledge can we gain from this game?

It was not always a gripping and exciting game. Both sides very often missed their passes. Overall, however, it was a game that was played on the same level for both teams, none of the two teams was really much better than the others. The opening minutes clearly belonged to Dortmunder and the reward for the courageous appearance was not long in coming. When the Bavarians couldn’t clear the ball, Christian Pulisic won the ball from Martinez, ran for the keeper and left him no chance. It was a wonderful show of skill and no chance at all for keeper Ullreich.

As it happens so often, when the Bavarians fall behind, they took over the command and pushed the BvB back into their own half. Again and again, the Bayern got good scoring chances, but Bürki dit some great saves. Nevertheless, the BvB had to accept the equalizer. By the way, this was the first game with a video referee, and as the Kicker magazine reports, but there were two mishaps in two critical situations. At the pass of Kimmich, I saw the Bayern player in an offside position and I was a bit surprised when the goal was given as valid.

In the second half of the game, the game rumbled for a long time and finally, the Borussen won back the upper hand. For a long time, nothing was to be seen of the Bavarians. Out of nowhere, they had the chance to take the lead. However, Bürki was once again the final destination. In direct return, BvB scored. It all went quickly and when Dembélé hit a killer pass to Aubameyang, Ullreich was once again defenseless.

Would the BvB take this lead over time and win the first title of the new season? Unfortunately, no. For a long time, the Bayern did not have an urgent opportunity in the second half, Dortmund really had everything under control. A completely unnecessary body check of the substitute Passlack gave Bayern a golden opportunity with a very well placed free kick. Obviously, they found the goal for the late equalizer.

In the ensuing penalty kicks, the Bavarians had the better nerves and Bartra missed the decisive penalty on the Dortmund side.

But in fact, this is not a detailed game report, it is simply to put the first impressions of the new BvB under coach Peter Bosz in the right light.

I liked this first official game under the new coach, you can already recognize his handwriting. The counter-pressing works, the game was a game on equal terms. Especially the last encounters against Bayern with Thomas Tuchel did not please me at all. Too big was the superiority of the Bavarians, too much BvB was entangled in their own half. Bayern was able to get too many big chances.

Yesterday it was not so. In some phases, the Bavarians were dominant, yes. But Dortmund also had its dominant phases. This realization only gives much hope for the coming season.

However, one could also clearly see that not everything fits properly. We’ve seen a lot of mistakes and missed passes. There is still a lot of fine tuning to be done.

As a fan, we yet have to get used to the new players. There is still a lack of understanding of the new game system, especially for players like Philipp and Dahoud, who have only recently joined the squad.

All in all, I think we will have a lot of fun with the BvB this year. Will it be enough to annoy Bayern? It remains to be seen, the Bavarians are still not where they want to be either. It would be nice to see the Ulli with a red smoking head on the grandstand 😉.

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Best BvB player yesterday was Roman Bürki, showcased some fantastic reflexes and parades. Unfortunately, he is not a penalty killer and moves much too nervously and much too early.

I took good notice of Pulisic, not only because of his goal, the boy can fight and also dribble well.

One good action from Aubameyang in the whole game, but a striker does not need more.

Also positive, Castro and Nuri Sahin.

The only real negative notice is mainly for Felix Passlack. Even before the decisive foul shortly before the end, he was involved in several silly actions.

All others were more or less neutral and therefore no further comments to the Dortmund players.

On the Bayern side, I have some negative comments on Lewandowski and Ribéry to add. I’m sorry Lewa, but some of your actions were totally exaggerated. That way, you’re just getting more and more unsympathetic. The longer you play with the Bavarians, the more this will stain your personality.

Or is Ribéry your model now? He has probably shown it to you, as he did yesterday once again a few times. Just watching his face after he converted his penalty says it all. Well, that’s all I have to say. Let’s have a good time for today.